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Fellinger Corporate Law is registered with the US Consulate in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to assist US citizens who encounter legal problems in The Netherlands. Fellinger Corporate Law can be contacted for a free consultation by email or telephone.

Drafting and checking contracts


Agreements and contracts are the essence of doing business. You want to have your agreement in a contract, with as little chance of a misunderstanding as possible.

Fellinger Corporate Law has a vast experience in drafting contracts, assisting companies in negotiating the agreements and drafting specific clauses and especially noticing the clauses that are not in the draft from the counterpart.
Regrettably, a lawyer is often consulted after most of the negotiating has been concluded, or if a conflict has allready arisen.

Fellinger Corporate Law recommends hiring a lawyer during or even before the negotiation commences, thus creating the initiative by drafting the contract on essential subjects as liabilities, warranties, deliverables, general conditions, support and applicable law.

Fellinger Corporate Law has great experience in contracts regarding:

  • Implementing ICT, ERP software
  • Ship construction, yachting
  • General conditions
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements regarding transfers of shares in Dutch (holding) companies.




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