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Fellinger Corporate Law is registered with the US Consulate in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to assist US citizens who encounter legal problems in The Netherlands. Fellinger Corporate Law can be contacted for a free consultation by email or telephone.

International debt collection is a speciality of Fellinger Corporate Law. We can offer this on a no cure, no pay basis. Fellinger Corporate Law offers assistance to all foreign creditors who wish to recover their claims from debtors in The Netherlands. Fellinger Corporate Law will not only collect claims, but will also place attachments on any known assets of the debtor in The Netherlands. Fellinger Corporate Law will provide you with a detailed quotation of the costs involved with the collection, free of charge. If a foreign judgment needs to be executed against a debtor in The Netherlands, Fellinger Corporate Law will collect those debts as well. Please contact Fellinger Corporate Law by email or telephone for a free estimate of the costs involved.

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Debt collection is possible on No cure, No pay basis, provided the claim is undisputed.



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