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Fellinger Corporate Law is registered with the US Consulate in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to assist US citizens who encounter legal problems in The Netherlands. Fellinger Corporate Law can be contacted for a free consultation by email or telephone.

Fellinger Corporate Law B.V.


Mr. Jop Fellinger LLM has been admitted to the bar since 1993 and has been employed as corporate lawyer and supervisor on the Financial markets with the Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.). Fellinger Corporate Law is synonymous for experience since 1993 in a variety of areas of the law. Legal knowhow is paired with strategic advice, being a sounding board and pro active action for decision makers in corporations and organizations, resulting from personal engagement with the client.




  • Due diligence, legal audits;
  • Restructuring your legal and contract management;
  • Personal advice and assistance in legal and economic conflict;
  • Periodically sound boarding about strategy and future developments with Legal implications.




Fellinger Corporate Law prefers to visit its clients for two reasons. The client can create more value in his own enterprise in stead of a car, and visiting the company creates maximum engagement with and knowledge about the client. For Fellinger Corporate Law quality and accessibility comes first. This implies not only a ‘do’, consisting of constant upgrading the knowhow and professional skills, but also a don’t. We do not accept any case, but we will evaluate during the intake if the client can be optimally serviced at the desired moment. If should be feared that time pressure or other factors could possibly endanger optimum service, Fellinger Corporate Law will discuss this with you. If desired Fellinger Corporate Law can refer you to an attorney within the professional network of Fellinger Corporate Law.



Core business of Fellinger Corporate Law are:

  • (Corporate) litigation;
  • Preparation and execution of Acquisitions;
  • Share Holders Agreements;
  • Preparation and execution of Legal Due diligence;
  • Advice and legal assistance during board meetings, Share Holders Meetings;
  • Compliance, legal opinions;
  • Implementing Legal procedures in Enterprises
  • Contracting, drafting contracts and contract management;
  • Risk management;
  • International Debt collection;
  • Drafting General Terms and Conditions;
  • Legal Audits on the Legal status of corporations and organizations;
  • Drafting Contracts and Legal assistance in the Yachting Industry;
  • Practical implementation of the Privacy laws;
  • Works Councils;



Quest for excellence

Suggestions for improvement of the service are welcome. Please leave me an email and you will be informed on the actions taken.



Fellinger Corporate Law

focuses on quality

and easy access

Current Affairs

Debt collection is possible on No cure, No pay basis, provided the claim is undisputed.



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